The Future

Now that mom is gone everyone wants to know what both dad and I will do. People started asked the same day she died. While I, personally, find that disrespectful and rude, I accept that for better or worse we live in a world of “now”. Technology has made many things in our daily life available at the touch of a button and instant gratification seems to be an important part of this decade.

My life goals are the same as they were before the doctor spoke the dreaded C-word: to keep traveling, to spend a year volunteering for no money at a job I love, to join the Peace Corps, to find a way to continue teaching and learning even if it’s not in a classroom, and to live every day to the fullest because you never know when it will be your last.

While I don’t have a five year plan, I do have a good idea how and where I will spend the rest of 2014. I purchased airline tickets back in January and I told every few people where I’m going or what I plan to do. Somehow it seemed wrong to be shouting my travel plans from the roof tops when the fact that I bought tickets meant I was certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that mom would longer be alive to need my help.

I have two very different international trips planned. The first will be amazing and unlike anything I’ve ever done before. If I’m completely honest with myself, I’m a little bit intimated by this adventure. Thankfully, it’s too late to second guess my decision…I already have the plane ticket. In a few months I should have some interesting stories to tell. The second trip is only a week long and is one I’m taking just for me, for personal reasons. As of now, only six people know where I’m going and I don’t plan to make that trip public information. Sometimes, it’s nice to have something that is just yours.

So, where am I going? I need to tell the people I’ll hopefully be staying with that I’m coming before I can disclose the locations of my first trip. I know, I know…I should have told /ask them before I bought plane tickets. (You really shouldn’t give me an open invitation to sleep on your couch/guest bed/floor if you don’t mean it because I am the type of person who will take that innovation at face value rather than just a “nice offer”.)

Stay tuned…You might be getting an e-mail from me shortly saying I’ll be in your area later this year. If not, I’ll be posting about my trip plans soon.

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9 Responses to The Future

  1. Barbara says:

    Happy travels.Look forward to your posts. I will always have a couch or floor you can crash on.

  2. Marilyn Donahoo says:

    enjoy you deserve a change of pace and I look forward to your blog.

  3. Can’t wait to watch the adventure unfold!

  4. Stewart Dorward says:

    You are a woman of mystery.

  5. Bobbie says:

    Gina, you have had a rough couple of years. I hope that wherever you are you will find peace, quiet, and happiness. Please keep in touch!

  6. Kathy says:

    Danny told me or your sight and adventures. So happy he did so.
    Hope you are well
    enjoy the days

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