My bag weighs 29.2 pounds without any water weight (up to 4 pounds) or any of religious items that I will purchase at temple 1.  I’m a far cry from my goal of 15 pounds. The problem is my technology. …

Bernie Will says:
Having been with you through this agonizing process of packing, I understand... more
Gina says:
The 6 flash drives are because I’m paranoid about loosing my pictures.... more

At every temple I will leave an osame-fuda or nameslip in both the Main Hall and the Daishi Hall. The color of the nameslip signifies how many times you have completed the pilgrimage; as this will be my first time, …

cliqkunoichi... says:
51 Ishiteji, The Stone in the Hand. My wish is you make it to Matsuyama City... more
Marilyn Donahoo says:
I like you including as in your trek more

“You have always been my friend who was hard to love so to speak. You and I are so incredibly different. We value different things as important; we have different passions, and completely different personalities. I’ve always struggled with our …

Shannon says:
Gina, you continue to amaze me with your selfless ways and your fearless energy... more
Heather says:
You know what? Who cares if you *are* “hard to love”? If they... more

ただいま or “I’m home” is the traditional greeting used when entering your house or returning from an overseas trip. I can’t wait to say this on September 24 as I’ll be spending 3 months in the Land of the Raising …

Jeni says:
I wish you save travels! I’ve always admired your sense of adventure and... more
Barb says:
Gina, You are so amazing. The trip sounds awesome! I am keeping you in my... more

The Future

Now that mom is gone everyone wants to know what both dad and I will do. People started asked the same day she died. While I, personally, find that disrespectful and rude, I accept that for better or worse we …


Wordless Wednesday: Hungry in Hungary

Gordon Ramsay’s BURGR in Las Vegas

My food tour continued the next day at BURGR.  Unlike Steak, I loved the atmosphere!  I was impressed before I even sat down.  The restaurant was decorated in bright oranges, yellows, and flames.  No doubt a less than subtle way …


Gordon Ramsay’s Steak in Las Vegas

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” “The city of Sin.” These are all popular sayings about Las Vegas and none of them could be further from the truth about my recent trip there.  What did I do?  Pretty much …


Throwback Thursday: Russia

As I watched the start of the Olympic competitions, I couldn’t help but reflect on my found memories of traveling in Russia. Russia 1997 I was only a freshman when my high school won a government grant; six students from …


Wordless Wednesday: New York City