Pleased with the way things turned out yesterday, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I wasn’t walking the 22 km to the next temple. Safe in that knowledge, I rolled out of bed just in time to …

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Gina says:
Audio books…no reflection or growing as a person. Just being transported... more
Marilyn J donahoo says:
I am sure this is allowing reflection time, groaning tim eand fun times. more

Today I was bound for the infamous temple number 12 which is said to be the make-it-or-break-it temple for those who choose to walk the pilgrimage.  From reading multiple blogs and books, I know that more than a few people …

Barb (Basket-Blues) says:
Gina, I am so enjoying your posts. I keep you in my prayers. I am sure your... more

Shikoku Farming

Ohenro My Way

If I hadn’t already made a reservation to stay at temple 12 in two days, I would not have gotten out of bed.  I ended up taking two slipping pills as the first one didn’t do its job, only for …


Seriously, how can there still be more stairs to climb?!?


It’s the end of September and farmers are planting crops…clearly I underestimated just how far south Shikoku is. Mosquito bites on the feet are worse than blisters! How is it possible to sweat this much? I forgot just how big …



A Journey Begins

After Hiro’s speech, I was filled with trepidation as I approached the store in the parking lot of temple #1.  The number of choices to be made and the lack of help given, didn’t help my nerves.  In the end …